I just got a notification from Google Ads stating a shift in attribution models for youtube & display. Not much detail in the notice, but I look forward to hearing more! Here is what they said:
“We’ll be upgrading attribution models in the coming months to cover YouTube and Google Display Ads interactions. This change will increase visibility into your customers’ journeys and provide additional insight into how budgets can be allocated to maximize impact across YouTube, Google Display Ads, Search, and Shopping campaigns. You may receive a notification in your Google Ads account once your models are upgraded.

If one or more of your conversions are using a non-last click attribution model, you may see conversion credit shift between and within your Search, YouTube, and Google Display Ads campaigns. If you use automated bidding, you can review the guidance in the Google Ads Help Center for how to manage any performance fluctuations that may result from these credit shifts.”

What do you think?