Lead Generation

Target your ideal customer while they search for your service or store with Google Search Ads

 What are Google Search Ads?

Your ideal customer goes to Google in search of a service or to find a solution to a problem. With Google Search Ads, we can target the queries that match to your service offering and get in front of potential clients while they are searching.

How is Performance Measured?

We can prove the profitability of a campaign very accurately by measuring how many leads your ad clicks generate. We can measure if somebody fills a lead form, purchases a product or even picks up their phone to call you.


Reconnect With Visitors Using Remarketing

Remarketing allows you to appear on websites all over the internet to users who have previously visited your website. Recapture their interests and create action with a special offer, new offering or a reminder of a special service. Remarketing allows you to directly communicate with past visitors at a very low cost.

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