With expanded text ads going away, we need to dive into the intricacies of responsive ads. There are a lot of subtle particularities that can make responsive great, or if ignored, not so great. The paid search podcast just launched a 3 part episode series focused on responsive search ads, and it’s incredible. Some key takeaways:
Pinning: If you pin headlines 1, 2 or description 1, it will ALWAYS show in your ad. If you pin more than 1 headline in pos 1, 2 or desc 1, they will alternate but will NOT show any un-pinned lines. This is key!
Seach intent: your ad copy is considered when matching searches. Don’t confuse this with KW stuffing to get more impressions, but is rather just an encouragement to put various types of content to match with various searches and we can count on it matching the appropriate line to the matching search intent.